Ethical Respons of Organiz exam

Ethical Respons of Organiz exam.

Can you help me understand this Management question?

I have a Ethical Respons of Organiz exam after 23 hours , Nov 25 7:00 -8:15PM.(Atlantic Daylight Time)

Need a help like last time!

Test covers following topics:

Regulating business’ ethics and responsibilities

Responsible ownership and governance

Ethical issues in the workplace and marketplace

The environment and business responsibilities

And all other material covered in class


20 multiple choice/true or false questions = 1 pt/each x 20 = 20 pts

4 short answer questions (your choice of 3) = 6 pts/each x 3 = 18 pts

2 essay questions (your choice of 1) = 10 pts

TOTAL = 48 pts

Ethical Respons of Organiz exam

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