Europe and Russia

Choose one of the topics below for your initial post. /0x4*

TOPIC 1. Russia or Eastern Europe: In the News

For this Discussion, find a recent news article (within the past 12 months) that describes the latest developments in a conflict, issue, achievement, or other major event in Russia or Eastern Europe. Provide a brief summary of your topic, as well as your own analysis of how this issue might affect the realm (or the rest of the world). Be sure that the topic of the news article has some connection with the geographical issues and concepts we’ve been discussing and reading about this week. Also, be sure to select a reputable, reliable, and/or widely known news source.


TOPIC 2. Supranationalism in Western Europe

The European Union (EU) has been the largest experiment in supranationalism in the history of the world. This attempt to unite over 500 million people under the umbrella of the EU has brought benefits to its member countries, but it has also come with its burden of costs. The tensions caused by membership were recently highlighted when the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. For this forum, find an article about a particular aspect of EU policy, such as economic policy, immigration policy, environmental policy, or agricultural policy, and discuss how that policy has caused tension between the EU and between member nations. What effect do you think these tensions will have on the future of the EU? Be sure to select a reputable, reliable, and/or widely known news source.

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