Excel assignment

Excel assignment.

I’m trying to learn for my Excel class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

A step by step listing of tasks that is to be completed is provided for your success on this assignment.

  • Open the data file “EXCEL Data Analysis Assignment 1.XLSX”
  • Save the file as “EXCEL Data Analysis Assignment ENGR101_#$%_Lastname_Firstname.xlsx” where #$% is the three character section number of your ENGR 101 course.
  • Create a new sheet in the file and name it “Summary”
  • In the Summary Sheet Create
    • Type in the name of the first data sheet in Cell A1
    • Table 1 starting in Cell A2
    • Merge the first row of the sheet such that it is the width of the entire table
    • Fill in the values in the table with the corresponding functions and columns of data from the names sheet
    • In Cell A10 type in the name “Force Comparison”
    • Create a table with all 6 sensor locations indicated as rows and columns as shown in Table 1 above
    • Fill in the respective data for forces from each of the respective data sheets
    • Starting in Cell A20 repeat steps f and g for the resultant accelerations from the different sensor locations
    • In Cell A30 Answer the following question: In looking at the data that you have just summarized, is there any relationship between the sensor locations in regards to the forces and/or resultant acceleration? If so, please describe that potential relationship as well.

Create a sheet called “Plots” and place the indicated 10 plots of the respective data in an orderly manner with a Chart Title on each plot to indicate which it is.

Excel assignment

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