“Exclusionary Rule”

“Exclusionary Rule”.

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“Exclusionary Rule” in Weeks vs. US (U.S. Supreme Court decision -1914)
Officers are mandated to exercise due diligence while pursuing evidence toward an arrest in this country.
With advancements in technology and surveillance equipment (including drones, satellite feeds, and digital cameras) the world has changed how it communicates and observes human behavior. Indeed, law enforcement has also changed, and the courts are now compelled to interpret the law in an age of these advancements.
This week’s writing assignment relates to the use of Global Positioning Tracking systems (GPS) and how this tool may or may not be used to assist in criminal investigations.

Learning Goal
Identify the methods, theories, and concepts associated with the sources of crime data, the emerging patterns of criminal activity, and the costs of crime.

Follow these steps:

1) Read the associated article (see attached) Supreme Court Case – “The U.S. vs. Jones”
2) Offer your opinion about the U.S. Supreme Court decision to limit police use of technology.
Share your thoughts about how technology can be useful to law enforcement in their fight against crime.

“Exclusionary Rule”

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