Executive Summary to Increase Taxes

Executive Summary to Increase Taxes.

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I only need you to complete only part one.I will complete the multi-media portion, hence why I did not include the instructions to that section.

The topic that was selected for this assignment is an increase in taxes so that school district employees will receive pay increases.The paper should be centered around the city of Austin, which is in Travis County, in Texas.The idea behind this would be to entice school district staff to stay working for the district and not transfer to other areas where the pay may be more.In conjunction with this, the pay increase will assist with retention and attrition concerns that the district is facing.Please provide the project for the mayor of the city.

The first part of this final 2-part assignment is to write a clear, concise executive summary that will argue for the increase or decrease in one (1) aspect of either your local county or city budget. If you are going for an increase in taxes for example, be specific. Which particular tax and why? What are the ramifications? How is it a benefit or detriment to the locality? What are the short and long-term impacts?

Prepare this final project for the either the county administrator or the city mayor (please identify real-world name of the person you are preparing this project for – besides the class).

The decision maker has only a limited time to make a decision so your brief should be no more than 5 pages long, double spaced. Your analysis should include a summary of the item you are addressing, your assessment of the current budget for it, your case for its increase/decrease, and finally, the action you recommend. Remember to consider the impact not only on the decision maker, but other stakeholders as well.

You should support your executive summary with at least two scholarly secondary sources.

Executive Summary to Increase Taxes

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