Family Consumer Science Class

Family Consumer Science Class.

I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

I have attached the work in the files section below. Please follow the directions!

Create a family genogram (there is a sample of what it should look like in the files section). Make sure to include 3 generations in the family genogram! There is a website that you can use that lets you create one. My teacher is very picky and wants the boxes to be perfect and the lines as well, so this website can let you create a perfect genogram without having to draw it out by hand. Please include the different color lines as well as the arrows and years. Just do EXACTLY what the sample looks like. Once you finish the genogram, write a one page reflection talking about the genogram (explain it). Make sure to please include a key box as well in the genogram because she will take off points!

The website you can use is…

I have a mom and a dad (still married and been married since 1991) My mom is 47 years old and my dad is 53. I also have a sister born 1993 and a brother born 1992. I am the youngest, and I am born 1998 (I am a girl). I should be the in the center with a circle inside since it is MY genogram. My sister is married to a man they got married in 2018 and her husband is also born in 1993. She has two kids. One boy, one girl. Boy is born in 2018 and the girl is born in 2019. My brother is also married to a female she is also born in 1992. They got married 2016. They have 3 kids. Two boys, one girl. One boy is born in 2016. The other boy is born in 2017. The girl is born in 2018. Then there is me. I am not married and I do not have any kids! We all have a strong relationship together. No conflicts much. I am very close to my siblings and parents and nieces and nephews. I always take them out and spend time with them equally.

Please let me know if there is anything else you would wanna know for the genogram. Thanks!

Family Consumer Science Class

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