Federal and State law research paper

Paper details You are a health systems analyst with MegaHealth. You currently operate a nursing home that falls under the Hill Bruton law. After seeing a news report on the aging of Americans, the board chair has expressed an interest in opening long-term care facilities in Oregon, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The vice president for planning has asked you for background information on: Hill Burton requirements for your nursing home, Certificate of Need (CON) requirements for long-term care for each of the states listed. Research the Hill Burton law and Certificate of Need laws.

Prepare a paper in APA 7 format. Include the following in the paper with a heading for each section. Discuss the following content. Hill Burton law requirements including a federal statute and any regulations Discussion of the pros and cons of the Hill Burton law and whether it continues to be needed. Include reasons to support your discussion. Recommendations to ensure management compliance with the Hill Burton law. Certificate of Need (CON) requirements for each state including a state statute from each state and any regulations Create a table that compares the legal requirements for a CON in each of the three states. The table should include a SWOT analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to expansion in each state. Strategic recommendation of how to expand into all states with consideration of which state or states would be best to expand into first or last based on CON findings. Support your recommendations with solid reasons based on the law. Include an introduction and conclusion to the paper, in-text citations, and references in APA 7 format.

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