Federal Tax Reform

Since ratification of the Constitution over two centuries ago, no aspect of it has provoked more frequent and bitter conflict than federalism. There are many policy areas where the federal government and a state or group of states do not see each other eye-to-eye. Describe one of such issues. What is the federal government’s take on the matter? What about the state(s)? Which side seems to have the upper hand at the moment? which side do you agree with the most? Why?

Chose the topic on Federal Tax Reform

The paper is required to be 2-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1’’ margins. They will be evaluated on substantive content, appropriate use and format of citations, structure (intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion), organization, grammar, spelling, and use of suitable sources (explained in a bite).

A minimum of 3 sources is required. Students must use at least one academically standard sources such as journal articles and books

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