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feedback post.

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Q. What are some of the advantages in using BPMN to document business process flows instead of other methods such as standard flowcharts? based on that post , you have to feedback

1.Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standardized graphical notation modeling language for business processes. While flowcharts would be a graphical representation of different characteristics of a business process flow without too many standards, meaning there are no set of agreed symbols for users. One advantage of using BPMN for documenting business process flows is that different companies can use BPMN, and all parties can understand it without misinterpretation. To gain understanding, users of BPNM will need knowledge of the graphical notation modeling language while users of a flowchart would not. Another advantage of using BPMN for documenting business process flows, BPMN gives the ability to provide more details when defining processes, as opposed to a flowchart.

2. Some advantages of using a BPMN instead of a standard flow chart is that a BPMN actual gives details steps to a process that any stakeholder could understand. It gives a complete process that helps improve efficiency and gives a competitive advantage, since it accounts for situations that could arise. The flow chart is very easy to understand and uses common language instead of jargon. It is easier to flow then a regular flow chart. Once the symbols are learned, it is easier for someone to pick up a process from using a BPMN because the symbols and elements make it much simpler to pickup and understand what is happening in the process at that point and how it got there.

feedback post

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