Final Exam

Final Exam.

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Final Exam
Due by December 13

Review the materials that we have covered since the midterm, particularly those related to the 20th Century additions of radio and television as mass media channels. Prepare your answers to each question. Answers should be approximately one page each.

1. Explain the progression of radio as a mass communication channel from its origins to the modern day. Include the following in your answer:

  • Describe the early uses of radio, including the technology that preceded radio, such as the telegraph machine.
  • What was unique about radio that made it different from movies and print?
  • How did the radio industry work to ensure that consumers would integrate radio into their everyday lives?
  • What type of programming occurred on the radio in the early years? Provide examples.
  • How did the radio affect socialization among families and neighbors?
  • How has radio changed over time to remain relevant in the lives of consumers? Provide examples.

2. Television has often been heralded as the greatest communication invention in the history of mass communication. Do you agree that this is the case? Defend your position with answers to these questions:

  • Describe the development of television as a form of mass communication, including how television has changed over the years in terms of content and overall programming.
  • What was unique about television that attracted consumers to the media channel?
  • How did television affect socialization among families and neighbors?
  • Provide examples of how television has affected culture since its inception, including its effects on norms, roles and consumer behaviors.
  • Describe the role of television in sharing news items and information and in providing an ample platform for advertising.

Final Exam

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