final paper sc 493

final paper sc 493.

I’m studying and need help with a Computer Science question to help me learn.

Please type your answers in a word document,APA format and submit.

  • Explain wat is Forensic Analysis and it can be used for what purpose?
  • List and briefly explain the four (4) Incident Response Plan.
  • List and briefly describe the 4 phases of NIST publication SP 800-86.
  • Describe what are Rootkits and the danger of Rootkits.
  • Describe what is Network Forensics?
  • Describe the concept of Dead-Box VS Network Forensics
  • List and briefly describe technical challenges in Cloud Forensics.
  • List and describe at least three (3) methods of hiding data.

Note: each questions explain in details.

final paper sc 493

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