Final Presentation week 8

Please see the instructions for completing the final presentation of week 8. please include an introduction and a conclusion and please see attached document thank you.

This isn’t just a persuasive essay though. You’re advertising your new country and accepting applications for immigration. If you can’t convince people to immigrate to your new system, it will never exist.
Be imaginative. Not only are you selling your ideas, you must explain why your competitors are inferior. How is this system an improvement over past systems? What’s wrong with other systems that your ideas fix?
This is a chance to show off what you’ve learned about ideology, policy, comparative systems, international relations, political participation, and the U.S. system in particular.
Whatever form of presentation you feel would best make your case is acceptable. That includes a YouTube video, PowerPoint, Prezi, or whatever would best make your case. Think of your audience. Are you presenting to people on the internet, on TV, or in person? Remember that your points should be accurate, knowledgeable, but concise. People don’t like to be read to, and they’re unlikely to read entire paragraphs.
Remember the components of your original outline too:
I. What is the foundational ideology?
   A. Why?
   B. What is an advantage of this ideology?
   C. What is a disadvantage of it?
II. What is the form of government?
   A. Why?
   B. What is an advantage of this system?
   C. What is a disadvantage of it?
III. Political participation
    A. Party system?
    B. Civil rights?
    C. Interest group influence


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