Final reflection on my writing course

Final reflection on my writing course.

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This final reflection should be at least 5 full, double-spaced pages. Please, support ALL claims with examples. Your final reflection should detail what you have learned and how you learned it throughout the semester. Specifically, I want you to revisit the claims you made in your first Learning Narrative by putting those learning experiences into context with the learning experiences you have had this semester. The resulting Reflective Learning Narrative will be informed by all of the EVIDENCE we have generated and collected throughout the semester. Your proposals, drafts, revision statements, and previous reflections should give you ample information to make detailed and relevant observations about your work throughout the semester; however, please, do not cut and paste from those unless you do so in order to make further commentary on things you have noticed earlier in the semester.

Here are specific guidelines for your final reflections:

  1. At least 5 full, double-spaced pages
  1. Four main sections:
  • What I hoped to learn/do (What were my expectations, what were my original plans, what skills did I hope to develop?)
  • What I did (What I wrote/made, what steps I took to complete the tasks, what went very right, what went very wrong?)
  • What I learned (What I’d do differently next time, what I can’t wait to do again, what I’ll never do again, what feedback was particularly useful?)
  • Goals for my writing (What skills I want to develop, What habits I want to change or adopt, What information I need to learn, What types of writing I want to try–AND, by what means will I attempt to realize these goals?) In other words, what is my plan (goals + means) for my continuing writing development?

It is up to you how much of each section is devoted to which portion of the reflection.

  • I want to read about challenges and/or failures: how you met them and/or worked around them.
  • I want to read about surprises, good and not so good.
  • I want to read about rewards and disappointments.
  • I want to read about processes (what you did) and products (what you made).
  • I want to read about what YOU thought of your writing products and what OTHERS said about your writing products–both projects and supporting materials.
  • I want to read about future projects, possibilities, and applications. I want to read about the strengths of your work & your goals for your work (make specific references—that is, detail specific examples—both to your composing efforts—actions—and elements of the texts themselves).

Final reflection on my writing course

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