Final report for the tourism research project

Final report for the tourism research project.

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Tourism in Southwest Asia, Chengdu

It is going to be a 10 page report in total, but the only new parts are around 2-3 pages double spaced, all the other parts are already written but are in need of little adjustments!

There are three documents attached, one of them is the guideline for the entire report. Please read all three attached documents. Read the other two documents that I have already written which is part 1-4 (attached PDFs). Add the final parts (section 5&6) (see requirement below) and include an executive summary (see requirements below) specifically for this two parts. And check for any errors or inconsistencies from the previous 4parts written (2 attached PDFs). Please also add an executive summary for part 3&4 which has already been written (document name: tourism in southwest Asia). Most importantly! The document for parts 3&4 are only written around the entire southwest Asia whereas the document for part1&2 are specifically for Chengdu. Please help me put more information about chengdu in parts 3&4 and write part 5&6 surrounding Chengdu specifically! And then put all parts together in sequence in one single document. Double spaced, 12 point font. I know it’s a lot of work! Thank you so much!

Requirement for part 5&6:

Executive Summary (To be included with each submission) (10points): This should always be at the beginning of the report. An over view of the report, no longer than two pages outlining key highlights of the destination and including recommendations to destination on areas of concern for further marketability and/or sustainability. (Note: Provide clear and focused rationale for recommendations. Ensure that the recommendations are do-able and provide a clear vision as to how the recommendations will assist the destination.)。

V.Proposed Promotion and Economic Development (30 points)

A.Distribution Channels

B.Desired Image

C.Description of Promotion: Including key promotional tools used to attract visitors

D.Goals of Promotion

E. Within the Executive Summary – *Be Creative*

a. Discuss what you would recommend to promote the destination and to whom

b. Who would be your target market?

c. What would be your goals of the promotion?

d. State the promotion goals: Include how they would be measured and achieved.

VI.Marketing Characteristics (40 points)

A. Market strength

B. Strengths and Weaknesses of location

C. Target Market and Consumer demographics and behavior

a. Name the major sources of origin of visitors

b. Identify visitor spending

D. Competition Analysis

E. Political, legal, and regulatory environment

F. Share and explain logos, license plates, advertising campaigns, visuals, visitor guides, etc.

Please make sure all contents included in the final report is consistent! Thank you.

Final report for the tourism research project

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