Fire crisis

Fire crisis.

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Complete the Case Study on page 221 and read the following article: Fire Prevention and Suppression: The Fire Service’s Identity Crisis

  1. Answer the 4 multiple choice question by listing the numeric number with the correct Letter after the number. All 4 questions must be correct to receive credit for the Question 1. Example 1. A, 2. B, 3. C, 4.D
  2. From the fire fee schedules you found what were the calculated hourly rates? Include the links for the fee schedules.
  3. Looking at the size and type of fire department do you think the hourly rate is justified? Why? Are most of the fees for prevention or operations?
  4. Why do you think Fire Prevention Bureaus have renamed their departments “Fire and Life Safety Division” or “Community Risk Reduction Division”?
  5. Watch the video showing fire development in new building construction vs older more compartmentalized construction. What was the time difference between flashover? What fire prevention system would greatly increase survivability in these newer homes?

Fire crisis

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