Fishbone Diagram

The goal this assignment is to identify a concrete problem at your workplace/volunteer site that you can help to resolve. The first step is to identify a potential problem and analyze the root cause of that problem.

You will be using a Fishbone diagram to graphically display the problem and potential root causes. Examples of such problems tackled in the past include: low recycling rates, late registration, people missing work shifts, low work morale, use of too much plastic, patient no-shows, ice-cream wastage.

The most critical key piece in all these assignment “series” from 1 through 5 (i.e., remember, they are happening in sequence, cumulatively, as you build it on) is that you must execute the improvement work yourself. In other words, it is not an intellectual, theoretical exercise that you would write about someone else’s work you find online or read elsewhere.

The second key piece is that you will have to find a team of people to work with (i.e., these assignments are not meant for you do alone). Usually it would be your workplace and coworkers, but under the COVID-19 circumstances, I understand that a number of you do not work or working-from-home makes it challenging.

If workplace is not an option for you, can you think of a project that you can do with your professional or personal affiliation (churches, temples, any other groups and circles, etc), or any place you might volunteer (community garden, soup kitchen, apt building-related, etc.), or if these don’t work, your family/extended family members?

Finally, please visit the other assignment pages to understand what is involved, how your prior assignment(s) would be the base for the next, and samples and templates I have posted. All of these will culminate to your poster (samples of these also posted) – please take a good look to get in-depth grasp.

For this assignment, please submit: 1. your Fishbone diagram using the template of your choice from Session 3 folder, and 2. a one-page explanation of the diagram (word doc, NOT pdf) through this link.

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