Five Questions answers

Five Questions answers.

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1.Discuss the impact of air pollution on the environment and humans in particular. Detail sources and effects of pollutants. Quote the fundamental points of the normative put in place to limit emissions

2.Present clearly the differences in operation of petrol and diesel engines. Detail the pollutants emitted in both cases and the strategies used to prevent them or eliminate them in post-treatment.

3.NOx emissions from stationary sources: describe the methodology used for the reduction of these compounds and the parameters that affect the performance and duration of catalysts. life of

4.Describe the problem of water pollution, differentiating between inorganic and organic pollutants. Present contaminants. an overview of the different methods of eliminating the two classes

5.Detail the (catalytic) oxidation methods of organic pollutants, describing the main reaction mechanisms. Give some examples of processes and catalysts used.

Five Questions answers

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