Fixing a paragraph.

Fixing a paragraph..

Can you help me understand this Business question?

I need to fix one paragraph, I need some more of a business perspective on how soon the I will accomplish.

this is the question of the paragraph that needs to be fixed.

Who do you need to include in your anticipated proposal? How will you approach them? What are some of their gains and losses in collaborating?

This is the Paragraph.

I will include my parents so that they can fund me during the proposal writing period. Moreover, the chancellor of our university will permit me and give me a way forward to move on with my proposal. A manager from a recognized solar panel company who will provide me with enough information regarding solar panels. My professor to give me directions on how I will write the proposal. Approaching them is a simple process in which the first step is explaining to them the aim of my proposal so that they can support me through it (Terrell, 2015). There some gains in collaborating in research, like through group work, it helps in incorporating more points about research. It helps to finish the research in time due to group work, and funding of the project becomes more tranquil as individuals will contribute equally. They are losses of collaborating, which includes some members not cooperating in the work hence acting as free riders.

and I will attach the group work so that can help u to write a good paragraph.

Fixing a paragraph.

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