Flow Chart

Flow Chart.

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The Director of Accounting is working on a project to update their department policy and procedures manual. The current policy and procedure manuals are lacking flowcharts as a visual representation of the procedures in place. Your assistance in completing the flowchart for the payment receipt process will complete this portion of the manual. The director has asked you to attend a meeting with the Accounts Receivable staff and take the current customer payment procedure and transform it into a flow chart to include in the manual. You make the following notes during the meeting that correspond to the procedure currently in place:

  1. Payment is received in the mail
  2. Payment is checked against outstanding invoices
  3. If the payment matches the invoice then
    1. check to see if the amount matches
    2. if both the invoice and the amounts match then the
    3. receipt is recorded and the check deposited in the bank
    4. if the amounts do not match then
      1. If it is an overpayment, then deposit check in bank and write up a refund check request
      2. If it is an underpayment, then deposit check in bank, and contact customer and request additional payment
  4. If the payment does not match the invoice then
    1. send copy of check to sales department to create invoice
    2. go back to step 3


Submit your completed flowchart (using Word) to the Director of Accounting. Using Microsoft Word, construct a flowchart that represents the Payment Receipt Process. Your flowchart should:

  1. use consistent design elements and shapes.
  2. fit on one page with all text remaining readable.
  3. make sure that the flowlines are complete and there are no incomplete paths.

Flow Chart

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