for art 101 class

for art 101 class.

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WEEK 5: “Topic of Interest” discussion (greatest unsolved art theft: the Isabella-Stewart Gardener Museum)

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Each week I will present a “topic of interest” discussion related to the lecture. This will be a homework assignment due the Thursday (11:59pm) before the next class. Each topic of interest discussion you respond to is a point towards your grade. There will be eight discussion points for this semester which contributes to your end grade for the class. Timeliness and effort in your discussion response is expected.

WEEK 5 TOPIC: The greatest unsolved art theft in the U.S. was 28 years ago at the Isabella-Stewart Gardener museum in Boston in 1990. Read the corresponding articles (don’t worry they are short) and be prepared to have a response to EACH of the questions for our in-class Friday discussion. See instructions below:

READ these short articles :

Be prepared to answer these questions for Friday 11/22/19 in class discussion: (1) How were the artworks were stolen from the Isabella-Stewart Gardener museum? (2) What are some of the theories surrounding this art heist? (3) What is the role of the mob in the Isabella-Stewart Gardener art heist?

for art 101 class

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