For your essay, you are going to choose THREE of the following quotations to work with, one for every

For your essay, you are going to choose THREE of the following quotations to work with, one for every body paragraph. Take the entire quotation; don’t just pull a piece of it. Your job is to think about two things. First of all, you need to consider what literary techniques Jones is using. You should look at word choice, symbolism, metaphors and similes, etc. Secondly, you need to think about the theme that Jones is creating with the quotations that you have decided to use. Ultimately, your thesis statement is going to be something along the lines of: Jones uses Literary Device 1, Literary Device 2, and Literary Device 3 to show THEME.

Make sure that each body paragraph not only focuses on a specific quotation and literary technique, but also a different piece of the theme. Don’t prove the entire theme in all three body paragraphs. Build something over the course of your paper. Be sure to have a three part theme!

Format to Write:
Funnel technique
Video explaining how to write it:

Body Paragraph formatting – 3 total
-Introductory sentence (statement you are going to be proving through the paragraph)- Since your theme is going to be made up of three parts, this is going to be proving ⅓ of your theme
-Context – 1 to 2 sentence- the reader read the book, just remind him what happens around the quote you are using
Quote: Pick one for each paragraph from below
Requote and embed – take one word or a short phrase out of the big quote and use it to show how the author uses the literary device to prove your introductory sentence, and ultimately the theme- start analyzing in the same sentence that you embed the phrase- continue in following sentences
Concluding sentence- sum up all the points kind of a zoom out of what you have depicted (the paragraph after the quote is narrow and gets more general as we reach the concluding sentence)

Video example:

Possible Quotes:
“There were nights when I saw the moonlight catch the tips of her teeth and I’d know then that she was lying in the dark with a smile. And by that smile I knew she had entered another world, one which I couldn’t reach – an adult world and beyond that, a private world where she knew herself how only she and no one else could, let alone follow her there in back of those beautiful moonlit teeth” (46).

“It was always a relief to return to Great Expectations. It contained a world that was whole and made sense, unlike our. If it was a relief for us, then what must it have been for Mr. Watts? I feel equally sure he was more comfortable in the world of Mr. Dickens than he was in our black-faced world of superstition and mythic flying fish. In Great Expectations he was back among white people” (67).

“‘Pip is an orphan who is given the chance to create his own self and destiny. Pip’s experience also reminds us of the emigrant’s experience. Each leaves behind the place he grew up in. Each strikes out on his own. Each is free to create himself anew. Each is also free to make mistakes’” (90).

“Most of us had come to hear about a world we had never seen. We were greedy for that world. Any world other than this one, which we were sick of – sick of the fear it held” (164).

“But in that baby’s face I thought I saw my dead parents emerge. I saw my mother’s eyes, my father’s cleft chin. I remember standing at the rail of the cot, staring with the hungry eyes of an explorer seeing new territory for the first time. It was familiar geography all muddled up. I saw bits and pieces of Anglo-Welsh heritage in a coffee-colored skin. Between us, me and Grace had created a new world” (171).

“Now they agreed to start again with it empty. They wanted it to be unspoken for. They wanted their vision of some unrealized place to inhabit the room. Why leave things to chance? they thought. And why pass up the opportunity of a blank wall?” (179).

Tell me if you have any questions, please!

I am open to extending the deadline if it will make the paper better, just let me know!

Thank You

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