Formal outline, speaking outline and power point

Formal outline, speaking outline and power point.

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Oral Presentations

Presentation Requirements:

· 5-7 minutes

· 6-10 slides

· 6 by 6 rules – you must have a maximum of 6 sentences and 6 words per slide

· You must use APA citations on each slide

· You must have a reference page as your last slide

· Presentations will be assessed using the Dialogues of Learning oral communication rubric

Submission Requirements

· All of your presentation materials must be submitted in Canvas, including your slides, formal outline, and speaking outline, all in PDF format

· Slides

o Your presentation must be converted to PDF format and submitted in Canvas

· Formal outline

o Typed, full sentence, correct format, complete reference page.

o All information in your slides and speaking outline must be included

· Speaking outline

o You may use either note cards and single page to use during your presentation

o Contains key words and phrases

Persuasive Presentation 2

Students must pick a public figure or fictional character and persuade the audience that this individual is in a specific stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. To do so effectively, students will also need to persuade the audience that the individual has (a) passed through preceding stages AND (b) does not demonstrate evidence of being in subsequent stages. In the presentation, students must cite Chapters 5 and 6 iBook AND at least three sources containing quotes or describing behavior from the individual to justify their argument.

  • The goal of this presentation is to persuade your audience of your argument
  • At least 5 sources
  • Content Main Ideas:
    • 5: The self is dependent upon individual motivation to satisfy a set of hierarchical needs.
    • 6: The ideal self can be achieved after meeting all other hierarchical needs.

Formal outline, speaking outline and power point

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