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Paper details Pick one of the dimensions of public relevance of algorithms that most appeal to you. Reflect on your answer. Here are some ways you can reflect on it: • Why did you pick that dimension? • Did it challenge your assumptions about algorithms? Did it cause you to change/modify your digital media practices? Did it shift your perspective? Then, find a real world example of the dimension (e.g. found in the news, social media, websites, etc

• Briefly summarize why you think this is a good example. • Share anything else that comes to mind. Readings for this week: • Garcia, M. (2016). Racist in the Machine: The disturbing implications of algorithmic bias. World Policy Journal, 33(4), 111-117. • Gillespie, T. (2014). The relevance of algorithms. In T. Gillespie, P. J. Boczkowski,

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