Fundamentals of IT ( Task 9)

Fundamentals of IT ( Task 9).

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Task 9 The Cloud

Watch the video from start to end “Cloud Computing First Look” with David Rivers.

  • Click Here for the Video
  • The entire video series is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes in length.
  • Log in in with your Stratford credentials.
  • Save your “Certificate of Completion” for uploading in Lesson 9 area.

  • View the Video Segment, “Cloud Computing: Myths and Concerns”. This video will help you to complete Module 9 assignment.

As a consultant your client has been perhaps they should move their coffee shop into the “cloud.” The Client has heard a lot of myths concerning the cloud. They have contacted you for advice.

Your task is to develop a short informational document regarding some of the myths surrounding using the cloud in the business world.

  • Use the article, “Cloud Computing: Myths and Concerns.” to help you.
  • Upload your work as a Word Document to Moodle.

Fundamentals of IT ( Task 9)

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