Global & Cultural Awareness

Global & Cultural Awareness Project /0x4*

Purpose – Students will understand the importance of a global perspective and culturally diverse peoples by successfully participating in a project exploring health behaviors of different cultures. Students will be put in random groups by the instructor. Each group should notify the instructor via e-mail which Culture the group will focus on by Week 2. The project is due Week 4 . One member of the group will post the presentation to the Discussion Board.

The following should be addressed:

Identify at least 4 norms and practices of the culture

Identify at least 4 culturally influenced health behaviors

Identify at least 4 approaches needed to provide culturally appropriate care that incorporates cultural values, beliefs, and practices

At least 2 references in APA format should be provided. The project should be creative. It should be completed in an electronic format such as voice-over PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.

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