Global Supply Chain

Given the supply chain disruptions caused by the Coronavirus (Covid 19) that commenced in China and rippled throughout the globe please research and address the following aspects: /0x4*

Were organizations inordinately focused on procuring inexpensive components and products from China at the expense of supply chain diversification? (Feel free to use specific companies or industries in your analysis.) Use specific organizational examples.
What steps should an organization implement to better mitigate supply chain risk?
How can this benefit local U.S. manufacturing? Short-term/Long-Term.
Provide at least one example of an organization that was better prepared than others (and one that was less prepared) to weather the supply chain disruption.
The length of the body of the essay should be a minimum of 12 pages and a maximum of 18 pages (this does not include: title & citation page, or any tables and exhibits if used).

Your analysis and recommendations should be supported by strong, clear and coherent arguments and recommendations.
Your writing should be clear, articulate, well-organized, with no grammatical or spelling errors.
APA, MLA or Turabian formatting can be used.
Please provide at least five citations.

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