Great Depression Shopping List

Congratulations! You are newly graduated from high school and you and a friend must find a place to live! You now have to move out of your parents? house. /0x4*

Below is a price list of products from the 1930s. You will find many items to purchase or not to purchase. You make the decision. You have to rent your own apartment, which only comes with a stove, and a small refrigerator. Its cost to you is $25 a month. How you furnish your apartment and feed yourselves is up to you. One of you works for Henry Ford and makes $5.15 a day, and you can only work up to six days a week. Consider yourself lucky.

Your task:

Budget for the month describing what you would buy and what you will save. As a graduation gift, your rich uncle has given you $200 as a gift.

The list and the assignment sheet “Malik Great Depression Shopping List” is uploaded in files

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