Handgrip Strength and Validation Lab

Handgrip Strength and Validation Lab.

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Writing the lab report:

Create a set of descriptive data using age, sex, weight, BMI, InBody Skeletal Muscle Mass, InBody Dominant arm weight, Grip strength from each device.Format this into Table 1. Participant Characteristics.

Conduct an appropriate test of means with each compared to the Plus+ (gold standard).Report the p-value and provide an interpretation in the Results section.

Calculate MPE and MAPE for TEK and Patterson with the Plus+ (gold standard). Report the values and provide an interpretation in the Results section.

Create a correlation matrix with Plus+, TEK, and Patterson.Format this into Table 2. Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation for Handgrip Strength Devices.Provide your interpretation in the Results section.

Use simple linear regression to have TEK and Patterson predict Plus+.Be careful which variable you select for y and x.X should be the predictor variable and y should be the variable you are predicting.Write out the equation that you generated.It should be reported as y = intercept + Beta Estimate (X).Graph and interpret the results.

Write research paper manuscript: including the above data using the following headings:

Introduction – Describe in your own words the purpose of the lab and the research question.

Methods – Provide sufficient detail such that someone could replicate the lab and confirm the

results.Include the protocols for handgrip strength and any participant characteristics.

Results – Include the tables and figures described above as well as interpretations.

Discussion – What is the main finding?How does it address the research question?

Handgrip Strength and Validation Lab

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