Heat Presentation

Heat Presentation.

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For this assignment, you will create an original 3-5 minute presentation explaining what heat, thermal energy and temperature are. These are closely related topics so you will need to explain how they are similar and how they are different. You will also need to explain the basis for the temperature measurement systems of Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. Finally, which countries still utilize the Fahrenheit scales versus the countries that use the Celsius scale? This aspect of the presentation can be done creatively to help make the point. You will also choose the mechanism that you will use for your presentation.

You will need to research the various tools that are available to help you make your choice. This could be something such as a narrated PowerPoint, a narrated Prezi, a YouTube video, or something that is a combination of tools such as Jing, or Screencast.

Your presentation needs to contain accurate visual information, accurate oral information, and be accessible for viewing and listening. The presentation should be engaging and creative. This is to be original work, but based on research. So, you will need to cite your sources in a bibliography at the end of your presentation. If you use a publicly available image as part of your presentation, cite this along with your other research.

You will be assessed on:

Visual information – 10 points

Oral information – 10 points

Successful use of the technology – 10 points

The overall appearance and sound of your presentation – 10 points

References – 10 points

Heat Presentation

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