help 2 page paper

help 2 page paper.

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Please read below, when writing the the short paper the questions should be the header. APA formate. hyperlink are provide below.

Apache Web Server Administrator

With this constraints, the goal of this Lab are as follows:

  • Watch the video presentation and gain a broader perspectives.
  • Know the essentials of what it takes to be an Apache Web Server Administrator.
  • Explore if this is one of the skill sets that you want to focus on.
  • Enable you to take a deeper dive onto the topics after the completion of the class, if interested.

As it is in the IT profession, sometimes, you are assigned to a task with full of ambiguity. This exercise is a bit like that.

With the brief introduction, below are the inputs expected for this Lab Submission:

  • What is a HTTP Server?
  • What are the essential software/tools that are used (e.g. Ubuntu, Linux OS etc) for operations?
  • Any hardware configuration requirements?
  • What are the major features (usage/outcome) of Apache Web Server?
  • If you are to install/setupApache Web Serveronto your Laptop, where you may likely encountered technical issues?

here is the hyperlink Apache Web Server: Administration


help 2 page paper

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