help in writing couple of paragraphs about a technology

help in writing couple of paragraphs about a technology.

I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

What to write about ? i want you to write about business-modeling techniques to answer these questions of A NASA Technology

what is the Technology ? here is the technology description

here is the patent of the NASA Technology

What to write about ?

  1. Customer segment
    1. For whom are you creating value?
    2. Who are your most important customers?
    3. What value do you deliver to the customer?
    4. Which one of your customer’s problems are you helping to solve?
    5. Which customer needs are you satisfying?
    6. What bundles of products and services are you offering to each customer segment?
  2. Channels
    1. Through which channels do your customer segments want to be reached?
    2. How are you reaching them now?
    3. How are your channels integrated? Which ones work best?
    4. Which ones are most cost-efficient? How are you integrating them with customer routines?
  3. Customer relationships
    1. What type of relationship does each of your customer segments expect you to establish and maintain with them?
    2. Which ones have you established? How costly are they?
    3. How are they integrated with the rest of your businesss model?
    i attached a sample of a research paper from another topic ( LOOK AT SAMPLE IT IS VERY HELPFUL) I will also send to you my First Check-In of the research

help in writing couple of paragraphs about a technology

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