Help Making corrections to my paper

Help Making corrections to my paper.

I’m trying to study for my Management course and I need some help to understand this question.

The assignment is done just need help with making corrections:

– Finish your paper that is compliant against all requirements, to include formatting, which is identical to what is required by your group.

– Make sure your drawing and accompanying supporting text is in this major heading

– Make sure you add a narrative to your ROI section

– review cycle.

This week, your main individual project, the technology solution, will be due. The solution you propose should help the business in the case study, and provide the technical details about the system your team has identified as its solution (in Section III of your team business case). This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment and is not to be discussed with your team at this point.

For your Technology Solution, you are asked to describe resources needed and how the system will work. The resources are to also be depicted in a diagram or other illustration; the costs of the implementing the solution and the estimated savings that will come as a result of implementing the system are to be included on a spreadsheet. Several files are included here to assist you in developing those parts of your technology solution assignment. Below you will find the following:

  • An explanation of the Technology Solution Assignment
  • An explanation of the Network Diagram
  • Example Network Diagram, that shows how the system is configured. The example shows how a network diagram might look, and the icons can be copied and used in your network/architectural diagram. It is provided to give ideas, not to limit the extent of the diagram you produce.
  • ROI Calculator and Cost Spreadsheet.The Spreadsheet will be used to record the various costs associated with your technology solution. The quantified savings and benefits will also be entered. The Spreadsheet will then calculate the totals, the ROI and the payback period for you. There are several files to assist you in understanding and using the ROI Calculator. First is an explanation with audio; you will need to download the file to hear the audio. It is a large file, and if that presents problems for you, then download the next file, which has the text from the audio in the Notes section at the bottom of each slide. Then, there is a Word file with written instructions and explanation that you may want to print out and refer to as you work on your Spreadsheet. Basic instructions are also included on the first tab of the spreadsheet.

Help Making corrections to my paper

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