Help with titration post lab questions and formal lab report.

Help with titration post lab questions and formal lab report..

Help me study for my Chemistry class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Hello, I need help with the post lab questions. Data sheet is provided. Also need an Excel graph and a discussion report addressing the following questions below:

post lab questions of Titration of a Weak Acid and Formal Lab Report. Also Graphing by Exel. please show work.


This is

an important section

of your report and is generally written in third person,

passive tense. This should take the form of an analysis of your results and must include the following:

(i)- Summarize briefly what was done in the lab. Form a hypothesis. State whether or not the results from

the lab procedure fully support your hypothesis, do not support the hypothesis, or support the hypothesis

but with certain exceptions. Identify specific data from your lab that led you to either support or reject

your hypothesis (

do not repeat calculations

). If the results relate to a table, graph, or other figure, make

specific reference to it.

(ii)- Compare your results to reference values when possible. Calculate percent error or standard

deviations and discuss their significance.

(iii)- Give the possible sources of error (any mistakes you might have made or any precautions you took

while conducting the experiment) that could have affected the data. Think of as many as you can.

(iv)- All pertinent chemical reaction equations and formulas used in the experiment must be stated in this


(v)- Conclusion: Conclude your experiment by answering (the question addressed in) the problem

statement/purpose of the experiment.

(vi)- Relate the lab to the real life (applications for this lab).

(vii)- Answer the questions if asked.

Help with titration post lab questions and formal lab report.

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