HIM1442 Discussion Post

HIM1442 Discussion Post.

I’m trying to study for my Health & Medical course and I need some help to understand this question.

To the layperson, toxicology is a seldom considered part of the science that is pharmacology. Despite this, poisonings are extremely common. When I was an undergraduate student at Arizona State University (ASU), I worked for the Banner Poison Control Center. My job was to take calls from citizens throughout Arizona and the Southwestern United States regarding minor poisonings (i.e., bee stings, scorpion stings, ant bites, pill identifications, etc. Major poisonings would be passed to the nurse or pharmacist on duty…) It really shocked me when I listened to all of the various ways that people could come into contact with toxicants. I once had a patient who poisoned herself by ingesting too much sugar and cinnamon.


After reading this modules information, what are your thoughts on toxicology and poisonings? Would you consider your home to be “poison proof”? If so, please share some of the strategies that you have employed to safe guard your home.

250 words needed for answer!

HIM1442 Discussion Post

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