History and Anthropology

How did the migration to suburban communities and the increase of automobile ownership impact one another? How did this influence the economy of the United States? What motivated many middle-class Americans to relocate to suburban communities? How did this massive relocation of large numbers of middle-class Americans effect life in the United States? /0x4*

Why was President Eisenhower so interested in the destiny of Southeast Asia?

In the early years of the 1960s, Civil Rights activists in Mississippi and Alabama played a crucial role in the Civil Rights movement. What were the key events of those first few years of the early 1960s? Who were the leaders of the movement? What did they accomplish and did they suffer any setbacks? Provide specific examples to support your responses.

How did Kennedy’s policies represent a shift from Eisenhower’s conservatism to a more liberal view of government’s role in American life. Cite economic, social, and political examples.

Thwarting the advancement of Castro-like insurgencies became a significant goal for President Johnson. What did he do to advance this policy goal? Justify your response.

During the early years of his presidency, Lyndon Johnson focused on social-reform issues. In what ways did he use President Kennedy’s ideas to shape his own policies and pass social reform bills? Justify your response.

Martin Luther King Jr. changed his strategies in the late 1960s; as a result, he lost the support of the NAACP. Why?

Compare the feminist consciousness of the early 1960s to social reality. What contributed to the change that occurred in the late 1960s to that relationship?

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