History Essay

History Essay.

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• In order to show how major events in the 1920’s be seen as representing a social bridge between the Progressive Reform Movement 1890- 1920, the New Deal 1933- 40, fully address each of the following points:

• Describe ONE example of how the twenties reflected Tradition, a continuation of the progressive reform era. Discuss how tradition was practiced both before & during during 20’s to show continuity.

• Give ONE example of how the decades contained Changes unique to 20’s. Discuss how the aspect noted was dealt with both before & during the 20’s to show change.

• Compare and contrast the Progressive Reform Movement with the New Deal, with ONE direct similarity & ONE direct difference discussed. Do NOT give a full description of either movement, only specific aspects of each which can be directly compared & contrasted. Thoroughly develop each example, explaining clearly how each reflected a similarity or difference. Include the names of leaders in each movement within each example, describing the roles of these leaders in their reforms.

History Essay

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