History of The Idea of America

History of The Idea of America.

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10 page formal paper (exclusive of title page, endnotes, bibliography, appendixes, tables, and any images).Papers need to be drawn from a minimum of five primary documents and five secondary sources. Primary documents can be taken from online sources. You are permitted to use only one document per online source. You are allowed to take only one secondary source per journal or book. (Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, Slavery and African Ethnicities in the Americas can be used as a source) Please make sure that the citation format is in endnotes and not footnotes. When citing in the endnote please include the page number that the information has been gathered from.

Chicago Style

This essay is an analysis of the article The Idea of America by Nikole Hannah-Jones. For the first 2 pages of the essay summarize the article.

The following pages should explain the essay in the following regards:

Talk about the intro first on the experience of the author’s father and his struggle and patriotism.

Then mention the rest of the article on how you agree with the author that the creation of United States democracy begins with the enslaved Africans that arrived in 1619. At the end also mention what was wrong with the article and what you disagreed on.

Most of the essay needs to reflect the article to 1619.

Please include a 3 page thorough outline of the essay!

History of The Idea of America

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