homicide investigation team

homicide investigation team.

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You are a member of a homicide investigation team. Team members have sent you digital images of a recent death case. As a trained and certified bloodstain pattern analyst, you have been provided with the following images for interpretation of bloodstain patterns found at the crime scene.

View the images:

Crime Scene

Based upon your review of the aforementioned photographs, you recommended to your supervisor that there might be additional evidence at the scene. Upon arrival, you participate as a member of a crime scene processing team, and you have used luminol to enhance bloodstain evidence at a crime scene.

View the images of enhanced bloodstain evidence:

Crime Scene After Applying Luminol

At the office, your supervisor asks you to write a report for the lead detective on this case.

Based on your analysis and interpretation of the bloodstain patterns in the above pictures, create a 4- to 5-page report in a Microsoft Word document addressing the following:

  • Your initial review of the crime scene photographs.
  • Your analysis on the bloodstain patterns in the pictures provided.
  • Your interpretation of the bloodstains.
  • Your interpretation of bloodstains developed with fluorescence.
  • Determine if the bloodstains are passive, spatter, or altered.
  • Sub-categorize the bloodstains, such as clotted, diluted, dried, diffused, etc.
  • Methodology used to search the scene for bloodstains and use of chemicals for visualization of bloodstains.
  • Methodology used for processing and collection of the various bloodstains.
  • Summary of the data obtained from the photographs.
  • Your hypothesis and the scenario.

homicide investigation team

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