Human Resource Management Defined

Paper details Please read the scenario described in the preface to Chapter 1, (Links to an external site.) and consider the challenges that would be experienced by a new Human Resource Manager in this organization. It is important to highlight that the owner of the company, Jennifer, has not had the benefit of a Human Resource Manager on staff prior to your arrival and one of your first goals is to educate her on your value.

How would you define Human Resource Management for Jennifer? What components would you ensure were included in your strategic Human Resource Management plan?

Post and Engage
Respond to this discussion by providing both a definition of human resource management and presenting a strategy for implementing a Human Resource Management plan.

After your initial post, please reply to at least two other students in class by comparing your definition and strategy to theirs. Be sure to include references that support your responses and cite them using current APA format. (Links to an external site.) Consult the grading rubric for detailed evaluation criteria for this discussion.

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