i have math homework on Knewton

i have math homework on Knewton.

Need help with my Mathematics question – I’m studying for my class.

Note before you see there’s a lot of assignment, every assignment if you do right 4 or 5 question then you will finish the assignment.

I will give the log in info.

6.6.1.Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

6.6.2.Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

6.7 Exponential Models

8.1.2.Graphs of Sin and Cos – Amplitude, Period, Phase Shift and Vertical Shift

8.2.1.Characteristics of Tan graph (finding asymptotes, solving equations – reasoning from graph)

8.3.1.Inverse Sin, Cos, Tan – Evaluate Exact Values, calculator problems

8.3.2.Inverse Trigonometric Functions – Solving Triangles

9.1.1.Simplifying Trig Expressions with Identities (Pythagorean and cofunction)

9.1.2.Simplifying Trig Expressions with Identities (all types)

9.2. Sum and Difference Identities

9.3.1.Double-Angle Identities

9.3.2.Half-Angle Identities

9.5.1. Solving Trig Equations – Linear Sin/Cos for Radians

9.5.2. Solving Trig Equations – Linear Eq of ALL functions by Calculator
9.5.3. Solving Trig Equations – Quadratic Sin/Cos

9.5.4. Solving Trig Equations – Require Identities

10.1. Non-right Triangles: Law of Sines (No Ambiguous)

10.2.1.Non-right Triangles: Law of Cosines

i have math homework on Knewton

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