I need discussion to write.

I need discussion to write..

I’m working on a Computer Science question and need guidance to help me study.

From our weekly chapter reading, digital preservation can be defined as the long-term, error-free storage of digital information, with means for retrieval and interpretation, for the entire time span the information is required to be retained. Though this assessment holds true to the authors, business organizations continue to face significant challenges in meeting their LTDP needs, especially those organizations whose primary mission is to preserve and provide access to permanent records.

Q: Looking forward, the authors concluded that, there is going to be a great need for collaboration between both internal and external stakeholders to develop governance policies and strategies to govern and control information assets over long periods of time, among other requirements. For this to be achievable, the chapter has identified one most important consideration that must be met. What is that consideration? Identify, and provide a brief narrative to support your answer.


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I need discussion to write.

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