I need help answering the following questions:

I need help answering the following questions:.

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You are required to compile a technical report on how the following problems can be resolved. All your literature sources should be cited.

1) You are working with ITS Department in a University. A foreign exchange student brought his desktop computer from his home in Europe to the United States and he will be at the University for one semester. He brought a power adapter so that the power cord would plug into the power outlet. He tried turning on his computer, but it wouldn’t power on. What is likely the problem? How can this problem be resolved? (10 pts)

2) A member of staff in your organization was just promoted to a new job that requires part-time travel, and he has also been promised a new laptop after his first month with the company. He needs an easy way to disconnect and reconnect all his peripheral devices to his old laptop. Devices include two external monitors (one HDMI, one DVI), a USB wireless mouse, USB wireless keyboard, Ethernet network, USB printer, headphones, and microphone. He has a budget of $100. What kind of device would best suit his needs? Why? Research online to find a recommendation for a device that will work best for him. What is your recommendation and why? (10 pts)

3) A faculty member in the School of Business at Marymount University asks you over the phone how much it will cost to upgrade memory on her desktop system to 16 GB. She is a capable Windows user and able to access BIOS/UEFI setup using the user power-on password you set up for her. Which actions can you ask the faculty member to perform as you direct her over the phone to get the information you need and develop an estimate of the upgrade’s cost? (10 pts)

4) You install a SATA hard drive and then turn on the computer for the first time. You access BIOS/UEFI setup and see that the drive is not recognized. Describe the steps you can take to resolve this problem? (10 pts)

5) The computer game design lab is preparing a budget for a brand new gaming workstations. The main properties for each workstation are a multicore processor, maximum RAM, and a high-end video card. How do each of these components meet the specific demands of this type of computer system? What specifications would you recommend for the gaming workstations? (10 pts)

6) While you work on the customer’s printer, he continues chatting about his network and problems he’s been experiencing. One complaint is that his Internet service slows down considerably in the evening. You suspect you know the cause of this problem: His neighbors arrive home in the evening and bog down the ISP’s local infrastructure. To be sure, you take a quick look at the back of his modem. What type of cable connected to the WAN port would confirm your suspicions and why? (10 pts)

7) You get a phone call from a client who is complaining that an application is frozen and he cannot close its application window. Describe the steps you would take to resolve this problem. (10 pts)

8) When trying to improve performance of a slow system, you notice in Task Manager that the superfetch service is using a high percentage of CPU time. Describe the steps you would take to resolve this problem. (10 pts)

9) Pick a current website or magazine ad for a complete, working desktop computer system, including computer, monitor, keyboard, and software, together with extra devices such as a mouse or printer. Research the details of the ad, and then describe and explain the specifications. (20pts)

I need help answering the following questions:

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