I need the outline reviewed in detail

I need the outline reviewed in detail.

I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.

I need a detail 1 page review on the outline below. I need a response to how well the topic sounds, how i can relate to the topic and any research that can be added to assist with the topic.


  • The research question
    • Why has the nonprofit sector seemingly failed Haiti and its people to date and what can be done differently to yield more success in the future?
  • Haiti: brief background information and context
    • Recorded written history began in 1492 with arrival of Columbus
      • French influence began during early 17th century
        • Colonial control, sugar and coffee plantations, and slavery dominated for the next 100+ years
      • Haitian slaves began to revolt in 1791 and officially proclaimed independence in 1804
      • First successful slave rebellion and only slave uprising that led to creation of a nation free from slavery and ruled by former captives
    • Aftermath from the revolution and links to current poverty
      • Remnants of social and political patterns established under French colonial rule
        • Free people of color vs. former slaves
      • Refusal of other countries to acknowledge Haiti for fear of similar rebellion
      • 1825: forced to pay France 150 million gold francs for reparations
        • Debt paid in full in 1947
    • Additional factors related to current poverty
      • Long-term US military occupation, 1915-34
      • Duvalier rule and debt, 1957-86
      • Food aid from the US
        • Lack of demand for Haitian farmers
      • Earthquakes, hurricanes, and natural disasters
      • Ongoing political corruption and turmoil
        • Present day situation, re: President Jovenel Moise
      • Others??
    • Current picture of poverty
      • Poorest country in Western Hemisphere
      • 2018 Human Development Index ranking: 168/189
      • ~55% of the population lives below poverty line (<$2.41/day)
      • ~23% live below extreme poverty line (<$1.23/day)
  • Why is this research question important in the nonprofit sector?
    • Haiti has been called the ‘Republic of NGOs’
      • More nonprofits per capita than any other country
        • Estimated 3,000+ nonprofits exist; only several hundred registered with government
        • Limited regulation and inconsistent data collection makes it difficult to track effectiveness and identify problem areas
      • Some of these nonprofits have been linked to scandal and/or ineffectiveness
        • Red Cross
        • Oxfam
        • US AID
      • Elevated number of nonprofits + reports of scandal have led to questions about effectiveness and ethics within the sector
    • This research should be important to the nonprofit sector for the purposes of:
      • Determining how these breakdowns and issues were able to initially occur and what factors helped to maintain them
      • Regaining confidence from worldwide stakeholders who may see the situation in Haiti as a stain on the sector as a whole
      • Identifying ways to correct mistakes and pave the way for new, more successful and productive practices to take hold
      • Highlighting the success stories from the sector (which do exist!) and build upon those models moving forward
  • Why should this topic be researched?
    • People are suffering and the sector that is supposed to help improve their condition is largely ineffectual and worst case, adding to the problems
    • Long-term patterns of lack of appropriate media coverage, international attention, and focus on the positive aspects of this country and its people have not helped to break the cycle
      • Haiti and its people continue to struggle, appearing to be trapped in an endless cycle of increased foreign aid and dependency on nonprofit organizations for day to day survival
      • The existence of Haiti as a nation is rooted in principles of independence, resilience, and determination
        • Despite the current state of conditions in the country, those values remain intact within many of the inhabitants that currently reside there.
        • The people of Haiti deserve better than the current state of affairs
        • More attention to what is not working and increased efforts to identify alternative, productive approaches need to be made

I need the outline reviewed in detail

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