I need your opinion without resources business law (4 cases)

I need your opinion without resources business law (4 cases).

I don’t know how to handle this Business Law question and need guidance.

I just need one paragraph each like 5 to 6 sentences and no references just your opinion about that case

issue spotters

1. GamesCo orders $800 worth of game pieces from Mid- state Plastic, Inc. Midstate delivers, and GamesCo pays for $450 worth. GamesCo then says it wants no more pieces from Midstate. GamesCo and Midstate have never dealt with each other before and have nothing in writing. Can Midstate enforce a deal for $350 more? Explain your answer


Business Scenarios

16–2. Collateral promises. Mallory promises a local hard- ware store that she will pay for a lawn mower that her brother is purchasing on credit if the brother fails to pay the debt. Must this promise be in writing to be enforce- able? Why or why not?


16–5. Business Case ProBlem
with samPle answer: the Parol evidence rule.

Rimma Vaks and her husband, Steven Mangano, executed a written contract with Denise Ryan and Ryan Auction Co. to auction their furnishings. The six-page contract provided a detailed summary of

the parties’ agreement. It addressed the items to be auctioned, how reserve prices would be determined, and the amount of Ryan’s commission. When a dispute arose between the parties, Vaks and Mangano sued Ryan for breach of contract. Vaks and Mangano asserted that, before they executed the contract, Ryan made various oral representations that were inconsistent with the terms of their written agreement. Assuming that their writ- ten contract was valid, can Vaks and Mangano recover for breach of an oral contract? Why or why not?

16–6. promises Made in Consideration of Marriage. After twenty-nine years of marriage, Robert and Mary Lou Tuttle were divorced. They admitted in court that before they were married, they had signed a prenuptial agreement. They agreed that the agreement had stated that each would keep his or her own property and anything derived from that property. Robert came into the marriage owning farmland while Mary Lou owned no real estate. During the marriage, ten different parcels of land, totaling about six hundred acres, were acquired, and two corporations, Tuttle Grain, Inc., and Tuttle Farms, Inc., were formed. A copy of the prenuptial agreement could not be found. Can the court enforce the agreement without a writing? Why or why not?

I need your opinion without resources business law (4 cases)

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