I want help in small discussion?

I want help in small discussion?.

I don’t know how to handle this Literature question and need guidance.

These are a bunch of quick and small little cultural studies stuff about animals. Weird stuff, but it can get you thinking, like animals winning awards for acting, animals who can smell death, sentient plants, etc. Please give me 50 words on each, and 250 words on (at least) one. I hope you enjoy!

Orangey (cat actor) (Links to an external site.)

Oscar (therapy cat/death-smelling cat) (Links to an external site.)

Walt Whitman’s best animal poem (Links to an external site.)

The Hidden Life of Trees (Links to an external site.)

Is it Weird Cut Grass Smells Good? (Links to an external site.)

Grief and Love in the Animal Kingdom (Links to an external site.)

I want help in small discussion?

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