Impact of Social Media on Emirati Children’s Behavior

Project Brief:

You will write a research paper based on the research proposal found in the second attached file. (The Impact of Social Media on Emirati Children’s Behavior).


  1. Write your research paper using the following structure:Title and Abstract
  • Introduction (Writin
    • Literature Review
  • Research Questions (3-4 questions, you can alter/change the questions that are in the research proposal)
    • Theoretical Frame work (Writing tips:
  • Methodology (use qualitative methodology, face to face interviews),
    • Description of analytical techniques
  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • Implications of findings
  • Future research
  • Bibliography with at least 10-15 references books, articles or internet sources.

2.   Format:

  • Times New Roman, 12 point, double spacing
    • Word count: 1750 – 2000 words (write it at the end of your paper)

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