Individual Analysis

Assigned Topic: The product for this project will be a cardiac pacemaker. Consider the process start to be procurement of raw materials for manufacturing and the end of the process to be the patient receiving the pacemaker during surgery. /0x4*

What will you take into consideration regarding ethical considerations, from sourcing suppliers all the way to the ongoing reliability of the pacemaker for the patient? Think about this across the globe, as your sourcing and distribution will be international. Think about your overarching faith and worldview. What legal and regulatory risks arise when businesses become global?

Consider raw material sourcing and procurement: – How will you select your suppliers and reduce risk? – What do you need to consider regarding inventory management and ordering? – How do price and quality impact your decisions? – What components of your supply chain are most important? What challenges do you foresee, and what risks exist in the supply chain? Should an organization reduce its supply chain risks by stockpiling raw materials and inventory in warehouses? Consider both the consumer and the company’s perspectives and needs. – What are the critical legal and regulatory needs, risks and challenges that need to be in place along the entire end-to-end process?

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