Inmate Behavior

Inmate Behavior.

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For those working in corrections facilities, control of inmate behavior is a key priority. Facilities must be secure. Inmates and staff must be kept safe from one another and the environment. Inmates are entitled to health care. Prison rules must be enforced. Constructive activities to keep inmates busy are often a priority. Even after accounting for these key areas of focus, the potential for problems is always present. Training is heavily focused on problem avoidance and problem management.

Suppose that, as the warden, you are concerned about instances of inmate behavior issues, such as the issues depicted in the National Geographic Channel video series Hard Time ( You have decided to do additional research in an effort to better prepare for inmate behavior issues, should issues arise.

In your initial discussion post:

  • Break down a researched example of a significant inmate behavior issue that impacted the safety of correctional officers and other inmates.
  • Analyze the possible causes of the manifestation of the behavior issue.
  • Propose two measures for avoidance of the behavioral issue.
  • Formulate two approaches to manage the behavioral issue, focused on safety.
  • use scholarly resources

Inmate Behavior

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