Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

LO4: Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of marketing communication elements produced and critically reflect on skills developed.
Assessment Brief
Based on your Dark Woods Coffee digital marketing portfolio, you are commissioned to prepare an executive report to Dark Woods Coffee directors to address the following issue in consideration of the relevant literature and industry examples:
Analyse Dark Woods Coffee’s macro and micro market environment and its potential market segments. Explain how you plan to target each segment through your digital marketing communications mediums. You should outline and critically evaluate your chosen digital marketing communications mediums.
The chosen marketing mediums I want to propose in the assignment where it states propose your recommended digital marketing method: mine would be website, facebook advertising and email marketing /0x4*

At the end of your report provide a brief of the main skills that you have developed during delivering this module.

Your report should be produced in a professional report style and should contain no more than 2000 words excluding the references and appendices sections.
This is an individual piece of work and is worth 40% of the module mark.
Important and helpful information:
Please refer to the Module Guide for information regarding indicative reading, guidelines for the preparation and submission of assignments, and the module learning outcomes.
Specific Assessment Criteria:
(Please note that the General Assessment Criteria will also apply. Please see General Assessment Guidelines for Written Assessments Level HE6)
Minimum Secondary Research Source Requirements:
Level HE6 – It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include three refereed academic journals and five academic books.
Report structure
For the purpose of Assessment 1 the structure of your report should be presented as follows:
?Cover page (including module information, report title, student number & word count)
?Table of contents (include both a list of tables & a list of figures)
?Executive Summary (briefly explain the purpose of the report and summarise the content sections)
?Environment Analysis (macro & micro environment, DWC generic marketing strategy & existing/potential market segment/s)
?Recommendations (critically evaluate and propose your recommended digital marketing method/s to target DWC?s existing/potential market segment/s)
?Conclusion (summary of your environment analysis & recommendations)
?Learning Log (you may include the overview summary mentioned in the lecture slides. You may also include the digital methods practiced in class)
The word count of your report should be no more than 2000 words (excluding the cover page, table of contents, references, appendices and the learning log). Additionally, it is highly recommended to apply Microsoft Word automatic formatting; the process of formatting, structuring and creating a table of contents should be relatively easy and will save your time considerably.

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