Intermediate Individual Project

Intermediate Individual Project.

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The assignment has four parts:

1. Tableau training: http:

2. Examine the data sets – Browse several data sets to decide which one to use for the rest of this assignment. Decide on one, and then use the systems to explore it further. Use a set that is interesting to you.

3. Develop three interesting questions about the data set – Put yourself in the shoes of a data analyst, and think about all the different kinds of analysis tasks that a person might want to perform with your chosen data set. For instance, someone working with breakfast cereal data might have analysis tasks like:

• Find all the information on Cocoa Pebbles.

• Identify the cereal with the least fat that is also high in fibre.

• What is the distribution of carbohydrates in the cereals?

• Does high fat mean high calories?

• Which of the following three cereals is best for people on a diet?

Do NOT make all of your questions be about correlations or min or max values.

4. Write a report – List your three questions and answers.

Intermediate Individual Project

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